Click Bait


Today I learned all about how the Kardashians, Elon Musk, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Aniston and Anna Wintour treat their assistants. 


As if you need to read something to know exactly how they treat their assistants. 

See, I…

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Light My Fire

What light's your fire these days? I feel like I've been "If you Give a Pig A Pancak-ing" around my life. Yes, that book has become a verb for me.

For example, I live in an old house with a…

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Obsessing Over Sibby's Strat

Ever since we offered up two St. Patty's Day Strats on our Kickstarter campaign, I've been obsessing over Fender Stratocasters. Anyone who knows the band well knows that Strats are NOT my go to. I am 100% Telecaster obsessed and…

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F 7th Grade.

So, people are wondering what a Pittsburgh Pod is and why I've being seen around some social media outlets unmasked or masked but dangerously close to the likes of Jill Sobule and Julie Wolf. I felt it was appropriate to…

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We've created a video blog series called Girls Rising Virtual Connect where we connect girls with trailblazing women for a conversation about what it takes to succeed in a world where many of us are marginalized. Join us with guests…

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Episode 4 of the Podcast!

Join the road weary band backstage in Dahlonega, GA where things go off the rails, and fast. 

Hangin' With Hendo Episode 3

Tune in to Episode 3 of the newly created Hangin' With Hendo "The Podcast" now! My special guest is Senior Vice President of Everything Auction Related June 21st, Lisa Cashman! It's not only informative, but actually a bit funny as…

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Hangin' With Hendo - The Podcast

Listen along as Hangin' With Hendo the blog morphs into Hangin' With Hendo the podcast! I'll be talking with all the players that help make the Girls Rising Music Festival and Game Changer Awards happen! You can listen to the…

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Update from Kristen

On 10/1/18 I underwent an unexpected surgical procedure to repair herniated and ruptured discs in my cervical spine. The good news is I am moving slowly and steadily in the right direction and getting better everyday. 

Unfortunately, I have…

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