Angels in our own Backyard

_________________________________________________________________________ Our mainstage sponsor believes Girls Rising’s mission and BeachFest’s celebration of that mission should be spotlighted first and foremost while we promote our event far and wide. _________________________________________________________________________
For the past four year’s our Girls Rising BeachFest MainStage was… Read more

Joan Jett and Melissa Etheridge

There's a certain time and place to ask someone something. Timing is really everything. But sometimes, when an opportunity presents itself, you have to strike. 
For example, say you're at a dinner party. The person sitting next to you is… Read more

Make Better Choices Part 2

The right brain rainbow is factually correct

That's me on the right. Ironically. It occurred to me while reading over some of my past blogs that I should post a disclaimer. Anything I write on this blog is based on… Read more

Minerva Audio & The Babysitter

_______________________________________________  Part 1 of our BeachFest 5 Sponsor Blogs _______________________________________________ 
Our best and favorite baby sitter lives 3 doors down from us. She is also my daughter Kate's flute teacher. She's a junior in high school and the type of… Read more

Abby Wambach Speaks at Barnard

I've decided it's time to start blogging again on a regular basis because there's just so much to blog about. As many of you know, the band has created our own nonprofit called Girls Rising. You can find out more… Read more

Girls Rising 501c3

GirlsRising.Org ________________________________________________________
There's injustice everywhere. Our band can't fix all of it. But we can do what we can do. So, we are.  ________________________________________________________
Antigone Rising & The Bangles Recently, Antigone Rising formed a nonprofit called Girls Rising. The idea… Read more

Brian Williams the Booking Agent

I have a very funny story about Brian Williams.

When Antigone Rising was a baby band, we started touring full time well before we were technically ready to be touring full time. In other words, we gave our parents heart… Read more

Grammys 2015 Hendo Recap!

I would like to keep my 2015 grammy recap as positive as possible, so let's call it what it was right out of the gate.


How is it even possible to produce such a boring, boring,Read more

The Unexpected Expert

___________________________________________________________________________ We were broke. It was Obvious. And people wanted to help. ___________________________________________________________________________ 
Has anyone ever gotten a call from eBay?

I have. 
And that's how I know I can teach anyone a thing or two about how amazing the… Read more