Silver Springs Saturday.

Fleetwood Mac has reunited with Christine McVie after a fifteen year absence. A few nights ago, my newsfeed began clogging up with photos from their show at Madison Square Garden. All five of them, together, on the same stage. The thought of it makes me leap with joy.

So talk at the band breakfast table turned to Fleetwood Mac this morning. Dena, our overly loaded with knowledge drummer, said the reason Christine left the band was because of an overwhelming fear of flying. Apparently The Mac showed up in England a few years back and McVie was able to join them on stage, since she didn't have to fly there, and while on stage she realized how much she missed it and decided to seek help to get over her fear.

And it worked!

A few days ago they were on The Today Show. Sarah Kate looked over at me and said, "Are you crying?"

"Yes! I am. I am crying! THIS BAND...MEANS....EVERYTHING!"

So today, let's celebrate Fleetwood Mac.